Monday, April 26, 2010

"You made a Difference"

We presented a "You made a difference" ribbon to a cute grandparent aged couple up the street.
We took a vote for family night, about who makes a difference in our neighborhood?.....and the Olson's won.
The Olsons were surprised!!
We took pictures. and dropped off a card.

When this couple moved into the neighborhood a few years ago....the kids weren't too thrilled. We all thought we wanted some family with children and teenagers...instead we picked up another home with "empty nesters." We knew they would be nice, but probably keep to themselves and only wave "Hi" as they drove by. We figured that's about all our relationship would be.

Well, we were wrong!

Laila loves the Olson's and all of the neighbor kids do too.
The Olson's have invited the kids over for milk shakes, sugar dipped strawberries and other assorted sweeties.
Laila has make sock puppets at their home.
They have a great play room. It's filled with all types of games and costumes.
The BEST part of the Olson's is their convertible. The kids love to go on rides around the block with the top down.

One day I heard honking and cheering...
My little witch was having the best time.

It's funny how we wished for kids in that home. I guess we got our way. Two big hearted kids who play, play, play--- Dale and Chris.
What great neighbors!
The Olson's really have made a difference in our neighborhood.


erin noelle said...

I love this!! They are the greatest. It makes you realize what just one person can do to change the world..

Si said...

Hooray for the Olson's love them. Hope I can be just like them in a few years...

Kimi said...

I love that idea--to choose and reward someone who makes a difference! And I'd say you got it spot on! The Olson's are such a great addition to our neighborhood! Now that we know them, how could we imagine a neighborhood without them?