Thursday, April 15, 2010

1. I'm thankful to hear from my missionary,Truman. He called from the Chicago airport...and even though we only had 4 minutes...I could tell he was happy and excited to be on his way to England. I'm thankful that his first companion is going to train him well. I'm ready for the mission letters to begin. I'm ready for Truman to be inspired and humbled and happy and homesick. I'm thankful that I have another son to help share the gospel for 2 years.

2. I'm thankful for nature. I love watching the seasons change. So many different shades of green. I think that is my true favorite color. I never tire of it. I love the daffodil's and tulips and crocuses popping up. I love the stark branches preparing to bud with the first light green on the tips. Popcorn trees are popcorning! Love it.

3. I'm thankful for my Wayne. He left his work 10 days ago...and has jumped into a new project. He is happy to be in charge of his own schedule. It's certainly different to have him around in the mornings....a good different. I'll have to work him into my schedule, since he won't be heading out til about 8:30. He seems "lighter" and less stressed already.

4. I'm thankful that I still have two kids left at home. My two babies. Baby Boy Monson and Baby Girl Laila. They keep me laughing and using my referee skills daily. Their current fight is over what kind of avatar they are... airbender, earth, water or fire... Truman was the "know it all" when it came to this, so if you say you are a different bender than Tru says you's a fight. Guess who likes to disagree and fight? Mons and Lai!

5. I'm thankful for Dancing with the Stars....and specifically that Kate Goslin got voted off. She needs to stop whining about how her life is all over the tabloids and on TV and get home and be with her kids. We all know her dead beat ex won't. It's I guess it makes me thankful that atleast my dysfunctional family is a lot more functional than most! OH, that's right...she didn't get voted off...aaarrgh...what is wrong with the tv voting audience? SHE CAN'T DANCE and SHE'S ALWAYS GRUMPY! Better luck next week.

6. I'm thankful for an exercise partner. We go to the gym or walking atleast 4 mornings/afternoons a week...rain or shine, summer or winter. IT's good to be accountable to someone that makes me do stuff that I don't really want to do. AND....I just say, "You faddah than her" and she is more than willing to come.

7. I'm Thankful that I look better in person...hopefully....than I do in pictures. I just saw a really "flattering" pic of myself on another blog. It's a beaut. Good thing I have a sense of humor!

8. I'm Thankful!


erin noelle said...

OK. I'm changing that picture. I do think you deserve it since you wouldn't be normal!

Si said...

You are a funny girl.