Saturday, April 24, 2010


Laila's prayers:

And thank you for all of the animals that give us food, and all of the animals that are just to look at. And just, thank you for everything...except black widows. Amen.

After the Prayer:

"Mom cuddle with me....cuz one day I know you'll die when you are 78 and then you can't."



MCC said...

Laila is such a treat. Does she know when everyone will die or just you?

Kimi said...

Well, you know, 78's not too bad. I mean, it's a good, long life. Plenty of time to accomplish lots of things.

But I'll miss you and stuff, 'cause I'm way younger, so I'm sure I'll still be around. Erin and I will really miss you.

Lesley said...

78... that's still quite a ways away. We need to fit a lunch in there somewhere :-)