Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Aunt Dar

Back row:  April, Kym, Tayla, Lexi Tru, Monson, Wayne  Front row: Asher, Sam, Dar, Laila, Alfie, Melinda
My beautiful Aunt Dar came to visit me.  It was so great to sit across from her and look into her angel face and to see my mom there.   Dar showed up with my cousin Kym Smith and Kym's daughter April and April's two sons Asher and Sam.  
We talked about her kids and my kids and going to lunch together soon; her dogs and my deaf dog and how our kids get along so well together.  We shared broken body stories - her pelvis, my toe- and before I knew it, 2 hours had gone by just like that.    
Truman had the good idea to take a picture....and I'm glad he did. 
My aunt Dar has always been so interested in my life and I've always felt her love for me and all my kids.  She is kind, stubborn, opinionated, loving, spunky, talkative, happy, a shopaholic, a peacemaker, optimistic,  a born server and loves a good Diet Coke.  
She is now the "matriarch" of her Ostlund family and of the extended Butters Family.  
I'm so grateful for this devoted aunt.  

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