Monday, February 27, 2017

End of Feb catch up...

 Truman had a Hugo Boss Talent scout stop him on the street and ask if he was a model.... Hugo boss is interested in him.  He got head shots taken by Bre and went in and met with them.  Hugo Boss is still interested and Tru goes in this week for an image consult.  This is so flattering for him...who knows where it will lead.
I took Angela out to see Matilda for her birthday.  It's a beautiful, funny show.  In between saying that books are dumb, you can learn everything from the television and that if you say somethings really loud you sound smart.... it teaches about standing up to bullies,  that you can do great things no matter your size,  having courage is important and not all families are created equal...sometimes we need to make our own "families."
 Alex had his birthday on the same day as Angela... Feb. 25th....we are glad he is a part of us.  He loved his blanket I knitted for really is soooo soft.  He and Landon are getting ready for a big 10 day Sao Palo, Brazil trip.
 Wayne and I just returned from 4 days in St. George with the Belnaps.  The Farleys ended up not going…some family issues.  It was great to get out of the snow and into the sunshine.  St. George was sunny but really cold.  We saw some of the home show houses and fell in love with one of them up on the hill of Green springs drive.   If I had a million dollars just sitting around I would totally buy it.   We rode our bikes.  Wayne did for 3 days, I did for one.  I was glad to get on my bike and find out that it didn’t hurt my foot at all..actually felt better than walking on it.  I’m still tender footed for another month…by night time the top of my foot is all swollen up.    We saw a movie—"The Founder" – that makes me never want to eat at McDonald’s again, but it was interesting.  We went to dinner with two different sets of friends   - Grant and Carol Belnap and then with the Corbridges and Binghams....and we slept in and stayed up late playing cards.  
Love me some Laura time...

Eric and Wayne went mountain biking on the JEM trail... it was muddy, so muddy, cold but fun

Me with childhood friend and best buddy Marilyn Mills
Claude Mills passed away.  He and Joyce were some of my parent's dear friends.  Claude was one of my dad's counselors when he was Bishop of the 7th ward.   Marilyn, his daughter, was my BFF.   My first 10 years of life were spent on 1200 south in Bountiful and the Mills lived on 1300 south.  We spent a lot of time at each others houses playing...and outside making rootbeer floats out of dirt and water....and trying to get the neighbor boys to drink it.... good times.  It was me, Marcie, Marilyn and the Jentzch girls who ran the neighborhood.  We did 4H together, church together, midweek primary together and went to school together.  Marilyn was always the tough one with a heart of gold.    We moved away when I was ten.   We connected again in high school, both participating in the drama program and it was with Marilyn that Wayne and I ( as sophomores at Bountiful High) did a scene from plays competition... Plaza Suite... and pushed a roll away bed all around BYU campus for our scene.  Marilyn and I also carpooled to Weber State our first year of college in her old VW bug that we would have to rock our bodies with and say sweet things to to make it up the hill.  We were going about 20 miles an hour by the top of the hill in a 55 MPH zone.    Marilyn now lives in Virginia and works for the department of defense.  She is a gem.   Anyway, it was great to hug and love on her at the viewing.  I have so many happy memories tied into Marilyn Mills...and of course, Marcie is in those memories as well.

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