Friday, February 21, 2014

Friends, food and fun

 Couples get away to St George with Farleys and Belnaps. 
What a riot!  We biked 3 days in a row, went to the home show to see our friend Calli Bingham's designs, played lots of games, watched some Olympics, ate the country club's Salmon salad and awesome Benja's Thai food and just had an all around good time.   Oh, and we had our rhubarb pie,  swigg cookies and drinks too.  You can tell I was excited about the food.  We played Pickleball and went on walks. Actually our version of Pickleball is "prickle relish" ball, because we make up our own rules but we had fun.  We need these courts in Bountiful. 

Home show tour. We only went to the million dollar ones. 
Farleys and us top of Zion's canyon. It's such a beautiful ride. 
Belnaps are the champion Pickle team. 
We laugh a lot and tease each other but it's all good. We are a compatible bunch!!  We will be back in April for our hundred mile bike ride. 

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