Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day

I love that today is 2/14/14..........
Laila has a 50's Sock Hop Dance  for her 6th grade party so she had to get a poodle skirt and her hair all done up by Emilee Dahl.   She looks darling...just a little tired.  Brother Addison made up the Soda can valentine sentiment to hand out.  "Soda you want to be my Valentine?"  We love it.  She told me Truman is her Valentine this year and she will be sharing a heart shaped pizza with him later.   

I love that Monson is home and working and moving forward in his life dating Lexi Jewell and thinking about the future.

I love that Truman is in school and such a big help around here.  He is an awesome friend and son.

I love that Landon has found family with Alex, Sophia and Andrew.  They are all so sweet together.

I love my daddy-o.  He is not doing great right now.  He's in the hospital fighting off an infection.  He's tried to be so strong these past 9 months since momma passed away. He is enduring to the end. 

I love Addison and Bre and my cutest baby boy...Alfie.  Valentine baby Alfie has stolen my heart. His sweet smile and wise eyes are just too much.  

My greatest love is My Wayne.  He has been my Valentine since I was 16....and we have been through a lot together but there is no one else I would rather share this life with.  My friend Paula shared this observation..."deep, true, everlasting  love only comes after we see how imperfect the other one is and commit to them anyway."  

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