Friday, June 25, 2010

Forever grateful Friday

It's good to be thankful on a Thursday and every day of the week.
Thursday is my time to reflect on my blessings....but Thursday got past me this we are on to Forever Grateful Friday.

1. I'm forever grateful for blogging. One of my blog reader friends sent me a nice note in the "real" mail to thank me for "Thankful Thursday"-- it was a sweet surprise. This blog gives me a chance to reflect on my adventures in mother hood and life. It feels like a journal and some sort of record I can keep for my family. I am glad that it does that, and it's kind of nice to know other readers are being encouraged or atleast, laughing and crying along with me.

2. I am forever grateful for summer time... I love being in the sun by the pool. We have had a great time heading down south to swim at the Morleys on Tuesdays. Laila and I are swimming at my friend Laura's pool on Thursdays. So this is the swim plan, thus far. I was raised swimming atleast 3 times a week at my Grandma Butters' pool. We would get our chores, lessons and practicing done by noon, so we could swim the rest of the day away.
I love this lazy part about makes up for the scheduled crazy part.

3. I am forever grateful that Monson has participated in sports while at BHS. He is heading off to his final summer basketball camp. Didn't he just start these yesterday, at age 14? Where has the time gone? It's great to watch him grow and develop. His goal is to go to this BYU camp and just enjoy it....oh.....and win of course. I hope it happens.

4, I am forever grateful for friends. My blue/yellow, #1 energy friend, Erin moved to Cali on Sunday. She came to church and played the piano for a youth choir, while I directed it. I couldn't make eye contact with her for fear I would end up a blithering, bawling director. She has accompanied for me and mine, more times than I can count. She is always so willing to share her incredible talents.
Anyway, her family came to church, said their goodbyes, got in their loaded down car and drove away. Wow......
Erin is a marvelous mom. She is a wonderful wife. She is a multi-talented musician. She is a fantastic friend and a dutiful daughter of God.
I hope I told her enough, how I love her and how grateful I am for her testimony.
She will be missed around here.
Erin with baby Kate....she was born with a british accent....

5. I am forever grateful for technology. Things like facebook, texting, email and blogs allow us to stay connected. I know this is different from actually seeing each other, hugging each other and speaking face to face, but I am grateful for it, just the same.

6. I am forever grateful for my missionary son. He is experiencing growing pains and loving every gospel minute of it. I wake up on Monday mornings so energized because I know there is a Truman email waiting for me to read and re read. He is having an international mission in England. He is teaching Congolese, Polish, Romanian, South African people; and eating all sorts of international cuisine. I LOVE IT!

7. I am forever grateful for my cousin Krystin's tip on 72 hour kits. Water, vitamins and appetite suppressants. Good idea.

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erin noelle said...

I got to see this on Brett's iPhone! I love technology and I love this picture. You forgot your words of affirmation friend too so you know this makes me all warm inside:))