Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Confessions 2009

I actually love Mother's Day. I have never really thought that it's about me….which is weird, because most things are all about me….but I have always thought about my mom and Wayne's mom and how awesome they are.

It's a day to rejoice in being a mother and mothering , and enjoy people who care for people.

It's a day to get gifts….which I enjoy….. flowers, jewelry, cards and hand drawn pictures.

Anyway, I just really like it.

I love the Primary children singing "mother I love you…" and the Neilsen's custard coupon my ward always passes out.

I love hearing wonderful talks about mom's and being with my family.

I love the obligatory Mother and Child pictures that I make my children take with me every year. I demand they hug me and look like they like me, while I gaze adoringly at them…and shout for Wayne to "take the picture, take the picture." I almost made the tragic mistake of wearing the same dress today, that I wore Last mother's day…..then my yearly pictures would have been confusing…..good thing I caught myself before this happened.

It's a great day.

I actually don't enjoy breakfast in bed…. it's awkward and lonely and the kitchen is a mess afterwards…. NO THANK YOU

I actually cook on Mother's Day.
Most people have their children or husband do this…but … it's my one day a year to prove I'm the mother and I can cook. Once a year is all it takes. This year I thought I would tackle sweet Si's Marinated flank steak, Baked potatoes, Spinach Salad and instead of a decadent dessert--- watermelon. Okay. It took two trips to the store just to remember all of the marinade ingredients. I wanted to buy fresh garlic, ginger and rosemary, because Si assured me it would taste better.

On Sunday morning, Wayne asked what he could do to help… I told him have the grill hot ½ hour before eating time, otherwise, just get out of my way. I pulled the recipe up on the home computer, not really close to the kitchen, and had Tru and Mons read me what was included in the delicious marinade….they cheered as I got the ingredients all together. I was chopping onions, crushing garlic, micro planing ginger (and my thumb)—stirring in orange juice and soy sauce and honey….you name it ….we were on fire.

Julia Childs eat your heart out!

It was a joy to behold.

I went to lightly criss cross score the flank steak before marinating. Thought I was doing a bang up job, but ended up scoring through the flank and making big holes in the meat….. "all the better to marinate you," I said to myself. It looked like lace as I put it in the ziplock bag. But it marinated and cooked up beautifully….rare on one end, well on the thin end for Tru. Perfect! The boys did the dishes and I got the praise for a wonderful meal. My thumb was bleeding, but all was well. What's a little blood on Mother's Day anyway?

Now I don't have to prove myself again as a cook for another year!!!!

Thank you Mother's day!


Si said...

Hopeless, that's all I can say.

erin noelle said...

We had the steak too. It was so so good. Brett was cursing Si, though, "this is ridiculous. Why does this marinade need all of this? How long does it have to be in there? This recipe is NOT an easy dad's recipe. This was mean of her..." Until we ate it. "Ok. That was really good."