Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mom's program

The First Grade Mother's Day program was such a treat. 
 I sat on the second row, proudly with my crown/hat on my head.  Laila made it for me , as did all of the other first graders for their moms.  It's a beautiful thing.
I went early with my two dozen cookies in hand, in an effort to get a good seat.   There was a wall of big people on the first row, but I thought in the second row I would be able to see her.... I couldn't.   Laila was on  the front row, smallest girl in her class.  She stood up and I still couldn't see her.   So I moved to the back and stood through the program.  It was better.   I had her beautiful face in my sight the entire time. 
 I was/am mesmerized by her. 
 She sang every word.  Did every huge action.  I don't recall if there was any one else even singing with her.....
 I began crying in the first song--"Mother when I see you smile, the world is such a happy place..."  
 I saw her look at me with that pleading, rolling of the eyes that means," Oh brother....she's crying again?" 
 I gulped in some air, looked heavenward, grabbed a napkin from the treat table and wiped my tears.  
I cried full-on in the second sweet mother's song that had sign language in it.  I just loved it.  Laila didn't take her eyes off of me the entire song.  She was heart felt....  and I felt her love in the song. I had tears falling off of my face.   (A soggy bra cry, my mom always called it) .....I grabbed another napkin and got my act together for the rest of the program.
After the program the first graders went to the treat table to choose a treat for their parent and deliver it to them. I got a beautiful iced sugar cookie that pronounced, I am "the best." 
On this day,  I felt like it.  
I loved the cookie and the hug and the darling homemade locket out of a matchbox with Laila's picture  in it. And,  Laila knew  I loved it because, "it made you cry, huh?"


Si said...

Girl, You need me. Or at least my kleenex supply.

Dede said...'re so cute! I would have cried for the sign language one too, though, so I can't talk smack. What an awesome program!