Friday, May 8, 2009

Fretting again about... what else..... oh yeah, my chub!

My sister Marcie does Wednesday Weigh in on her blog......I like that idea!
So today is Wednesday weigh in on  Friday for me.....
I'm going to weigh and declare what's going on with my body once a week.
I usually live in a state of's right next to la-la land.
But, it's time to face up to the mess I've made this past winter/spring. 
My clothes are tighter, my pudge is showing more and more....I'm running out of pleasant options.... 
Since starting my Gold's Gym membership, in January,  I have actually gained 8 lbs.
I'm not talking muscle weight either .....I'm working out and then going home and feeling like I can eat any and every thing I want..... and I do, did, done!
Today is a new day.
I have some resolve.
I went to the gym this morning.
I can be aware of what's going into my mouth....and decide to think thin.!

Weight this week:  163


MCC said...

You are brave. I only post how much I have lost or if I have gained. You can do it!

Brian and Shanna said...

Whenever I go to the gym I end up getting home and being so hungry and tired that I end up eating all the oatmeal cookies I can before I get sick (that ends up to be about 10-15 cookies), so I definitely understnad what you mean!