Saturday, May 30, 2009

Clean Windows

"Clean windows."
It really is lovely sounding ....
It's probably even better looking.


Dare I confess this?
I haven't cleaned the outside of my windows since we moved into this home 18 years ago. (I have cleaned my windows around my front door and my sliding glass door windows, but seriously, nothing else.)



Two words - Dir Tee

28 non clean windows!
Anyway.. I always thought we were going to change our windows out, so why clean them?
Our windows are paper thin and falling apart....
Through my windows I can hear morning high schoolers racing to beat the 7:30 bell.
I can hear birds chirping, Dogs barking, Horns honking, Garbage trucks, garbaging.
When it's windy, it sounds like they are whistling.....woooooooo, woooooo. Or maybe we have ghosts.
I keep telling Monson and Laila how "Cool" it is. Not every house has singing windows. We are special.

I had new windows priced out to change a number of times, then something happens, and we don't change them.

So now I'm wondering if, after 18 years, I should just break down and clean them? Well, maybe not ME clean them...but have someone clean them.

Hey... Don't you judge me.

Maybe this is the summer for NEW windows after all.

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D2Quilter said...

I vote for new windows! Yea!!!