Friday, October 9, 2015

Tayla Addilyn is here

My heart is overflowing today...our newest family member is here.  Tayla Addilyn Welch.

She is named after Truman- Laila- Landon- Addison and Lexi's sister Kaitlyn.  If she has just half of the good qualities of all of her aunts and uncles, she will be amazing.

While Lexi was in having her c-section,  with Monson, her mom-Rebecca and Bre was photographer....Wayne, Kaitlyn and I were pacing the hallway

This is our first glimpse of this beautiful baby.

We heard her scream long before we laid eyes on her.  She has good lungs.... she actually didn't breathe for quite a while and the docs and nurses had to work with her, but once she got it figured out she was good.

She has long fingers and perfectly shaped fingernails...and ears flat to her round head.  She looks like a pretty good Monson/Lexi mix...not really like Monson's baby pics, more like he looks now...but she is a GINGER!  Can't believe it...and I hope it stays.  It might even be curly.

Tayla is straight from heaven to bring a little piece of heaven to earth.  I know that there were so many on the other side ( Mom, Dad, Marcie, Tom and countless others...) sending her off and telling her about the challenges of earth life  and about all of her crazy relatives and  how families are forever and how important unconditional love is.  We are in love!

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