Thursday, October 22, 2015

Alfie Lyle

Watching his car show
Jumping on the tramp
Having Alfie here for 5 days has been an adventure.
He loves cars, the cars disney show, making car sounds, driving  his remote control car, the big trucks working on our street, balls, basketball, saying "Basketball", watching football, saying, "football",  throwing balls, stuffed animals, dogs, dog shows,  marshmallows, apples, his binkie and his "bre"....that's his blanket.
Alfie is a good sleeper and he is happy doing "his thing" and jabbering all day long.  He loves playing with and terrorizing our dog and throwing things at her.  It's a love/hate relationship that's for sure.
Big trucks working on our street
Alfie with his remote control car

Stickering his book and then his body
Watching football with Poppa

Playng on the swing set
Balls, balls and more balls
I have loved spending my days with this darling boy....and I'm reminded how difficult it is to get dressed when a toddler is around.

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Andrew and Gina said...

Getting dressed... I haven't gotten dressed in years. 😉 Looks like he had fun with Meema.