Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wizard of Oz

Watching the Wizard  of Oz, up at Sundance with Holly, Wanee and Alfie was wonderful.  All three made this experience really enjoyable for me.

Holly sat right by me and said over and over, I know what's going to happen next then acted like it was the first time she saw Dorothy follow the yellow brick road or the Lion ask for courage.  She sang all of the songs.....outloud... and laughed  at all of the right places and loved it.

Alfie sat on uncle Tru's lap or his daddy's through the entire show.  He pointed up at the stars when it got dark and  did the sign language for it and food and trees and bird and just about anything on the stage including waving good bye to the scarecrow and blowing him a kiss.  He sang "o-e-o"with the witch's henchmen and clapped  and sat through this long show with out a fuss.

Wanee ooed and awed over how smart her great grand baby  is, how awesome Addison's choreography was (especially the munchkin dance  ala Lord Farquat from Shrek with the shoes on their knees),  and how delightful and clever the show is and that's with the scenery and effects of the show not yet finished.

To get to Sundance theatre we had to travel by car, shuttle bus and a tractor that pulled up a trailer...then we still had 100 more feet  to walk up hill.  But it was worth it to be with family, support our Addison, and see some theatre in a beautiful outdoor setting.

It was a good night

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