Monday, July 13, 2015

Bear Lake 2015

Bear Lake top 10 --Welch family top ten favorite things about our Bear Lake vacation:

1.  Riding around the lake on our bikes
2.  Double Raspberry shakes
3. Warm lake water-- the outside air was a cool 75 so the lake water actually felt better
4. Tubing
5. Zipz with their flavored drinks and Dole whips
6. Spending time with Sofia, Andrew and Alfie
7. Love being on the beach with the fam
8. Poppa Wayne so willing to take Sophia boating and letting her drive
9.  Game nights

10. Having adventures and playing with Laila and cousin Ryan

Laila and Abby were so excited to get there they jumped into the lake with their clothes on

Adam toilet papered our bikes

Tru got to stay a few nights in the motel room since Gpa Lyle didn't come 

Saying hi to the group from the condo balcony

Alf on the merry go round during the drizzly weather 

Alf with Poppa at the pier feeding the fish and going on the boat
Alf with poppa Wayne heading to the boat

We rode around the lake with Nash and Tami for his 50 miler merit badge. It was great having the Madsens with us for a few nights.  Wayne did  the lake ride three times 

Just posing on the beach

Missing my parents. My mom loved this place so much it's almost sacred to us 

We loved having cousin Abby Welch with us this

Juanito Bandito didn't disappoint and his amazing Monkey was pretty tricky

Alex with Sophia and Andrew swimming 

Tru turned Laila into a sand Mermaid 

Boating is always a fun time 

Sophia thought she was pretty cool driving the boat. Andrew wouldn't even get on the boat

Sophia played and did adventures with Andrew, Laila, Ryan and Carson. She had them all put their hands in and cheer "friendship forever!"

I love my siblings so much. We always look forward to this bear lake time together. Marcie went out of her way, even with her cancer and feeling horrible, to be at the lake.

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