Monday, July 9, 2012

Pre-Birthday Bash

I had a 50th birthday party at the Farleys.  They along with the Belnaps and Wayne threw this shindig for me.   It feels kind of weird to know this is really happening.   I am going to be 50…. Not depressing, but just kind of weird. 
 Many family and friends showed up for a potluck dinner. 
Dessert table featured my 5th grade pink pant suit pose with a cast on my arm
 Gary, Me, Marcie, Christine and Adam--
 Just Linda and Me---
 An Off key rendition of " Happy Birthday" was perfect..... Bob led the crazy choir.
 Liz told me that, "50 Sucks"...... and she wouldn't know yet.
 Nick Cash made sure I knew I was "still a Hottie!"
  Landon sang me a beautiful song, called “Momma Don’t cry”…. So of course I did. 
   Wayne gave me 50 glow sticks, because I light up his life…. And he gave me beautiful roses…and he danced with me.  Holly is the only other person to dance with me….   I love dancing with Holly…her face is so delightful and she knows all of the moves. 
  I received many hugs, sweet cards and well wishes, plus I got 50 suckers, 50 kisses, 50 cherry  chocolates,  50 cherries, 50 pins, 50 hearts, 50 sour balls, 50 cheesecakes, 50 doves chocolates, 50 dark chocolates, 50 tootsie rolls,  50 Ibuprofen, 50 jelly bean flavors, 50 assorted things in  a bag from Laura, that reminded her of me. 50 bucks on a movie card,  50$ restaurant certificate, 50 Hot tamales….And…. “50 beers for 50 years”—cans of apple beer from the Farleys.   It was all very random and fun. 

 I wish I would have been more prepared about what to say to everyone who came out besides thanks.  I have been thinking since and probably could have said something about changes I have made as I move toward this half century mark….. no soda pop, no theatre popcorn, more green smoothies, more bike riding, more chopstix usage, more temple attendance, more hugs and an abstract painting class ……I guess this is what Melinda…as a 50 year old does. 
 Thanks to Diane, Laura and Kimi for the great evening......and everyone who attended.  I felt very loved. 

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Teri said...

Sounds like a blast! You'll be an awesome 50 year old!