Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July Fun Freedom Festivities

We got to spend this holiday with a lot of our favorite People.
The Rigby party with the Belnaps is always a highlight.  It's a huge americana pot luck in a gorgeous setting with a country band, mechanical bull riding  and dancing.
After our 20 mile bike ride, Wayne and I with Landon and Laila, traveled down to Spanish Fork to be with the Morleys and many other Butters side relatives.
Adam impressed us all with a whale watermelon carving.
Laila, Adam and Preston going off the high dive!
 Krystin and me..... with our mom's-- Lynette and Sheri,  and 4th of July licorice wraps.  Mom made over 200 scones...which all got consumed, then put on her red, white and blue wig to celebrate. I had my British flag cover up on.  It almost felt sacrilegious, but I used it as an example of how far our county has come.
Truman got to have a much needed day off from Pest Control selling, and spent the day with friends at a pool in SanJose California.  He was sporting a Mohawk for the occasion.

We received a fun, unexpected,  text-pic of Monson and companion at a member's BBQ.  
 Oakley Rodeo with the Fosters.  Laila didn't quite know what to think.  Did she like it?  Would she go again?  She felt really sorry for the calves getting roped and thrown down to tie up.  At one point when I thought a cowboy was going to be trampled by a bull, I did shout.... "Cover her eyes."  Crisis averted.

What a great holiday!  We all fell into bed exhausted.

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