Friday, December 2, 2011

Wicked Winds of December

December  came in  with a wild wind.
We had no power for almost 24 hours.  
We survived but had many shingles torn off our roof, patio furniture whipped around into a tangled mess, our basketball standard fell on Landon's car adding another dent to his collection, part of  Laila's playhouse roof shirred off, grills blown all over, branches everywhere and neighbor's pine trees falling like dominoes all up and down the block.  The Belnap's lost 10 huge trees.
All was freezing, but okay, as we snuggled up to our kerosene heater and gas fire place.  My parents came and spent a few hours...but with Mom's recent chemo...she couldn't get warm, was achey and finally we checked them into a hotel in SLC for the night.  (Mom has yet to get hydrated again, and is in a spiral... pray for her.  She did so great for the first two days after chemo but is having issues now.)
Wayne spent all afternoon yesterday, and most of today helping out with his chain saw.  He loves his chain saw and is thrilled to be of service. There is a lot of service to give.
We are on the insurance adjusters claim for 10 days out... I am sure this is an insurance nightmare.
I am thankful though that our house didn't blow away... and for the most part, all family and friends are doing fine.
I am now playing catch up to all of the things I had scheduled for yesterday.  A "Wind" Day sure does take it out of you.

I'm pretty sure we will all recall the hurricane force winds of 2011.

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