Sunday, December 18, 2011

Monson's Farewell

Monson had his mission farewell today. 
Tanner Farley...home from Fiji.....and Monson.....ready to go to Michigan!
 The church was packed because it was Money's farewell and Tanner Farley's homecoming.    Monson spoke today on the topic, Trust in the Lord.  To send a 19 year old boy out into our big world takes a lot of trusting in the Lord, for this momma!
Monson talked about many things and different people who trusted in the Lord, but I was really pleased when he spoke about Laila's head injury and how we as a family just had to put all of our Trust in the Lord to make it through this..... my big, tough, football player got all choked up about it.   He also said some pretty nice things about his Grandma Sheri and her optimistic attitude as she tackles this cancer that's in her body.  She is a fighter and will definitely kill "it" with kindness.  It was fun to see the debut of Mom's new red/strawberry blonde wig too.  She looks like Monson's Grandma, that's for sure.  So stunning!
Lindsey, James, Holly, Wanee
Pizza and Salad!! Dad, Laura, Rob, Mom
Stuart and Emily Wolthuis with me and Wayne
Jenna and Landon
Tami and Linda Wangsgaard
Some of Monson's boys:  Morgan Ellis, Jordan Bell, Dallin Butters, Richard Gnautavi
Monson talking to Paul and Bonnie Evensen....some of his favorite people.

Cousins:  Brady, Kylie, Nathan, Kimberly, Shelby and Uncle Rob

Angela, Brad, Mom and Me
We had a house full of people.  I'm always amazed at how many bodies we can fit in here.  Good thing we remodeled.    I really loved looking around at everyone and thinking, "Wow, these wonderful people all love and support my kids and our family."  I just felt warm all over and a bit teary.  The gospel truly brings us all together.

Monson is going to be a great missionary in Michigan...and now he just needs to get through these next 16 days. I have plans to keep him busy and give him things to do so he just doesn't sit around all day in waiting. I am glad it's the holidays, filled with built in family time and parties.  Monson will be leaving soon and it makes me excited and teary all at the same time.
We finally got Monson's missionary pics back.  A wonderful lady takes missionary pics for free.  She is Shootz photography up in Kaysville, and I find her and this service truly amazing.  I am grateful to have stumbled upon this blessing.  The pics are beautiful of my baby boy.


Cengiz 2.1 said...

Trying to figure out which thing makes me feel older: tanner is an RM or monson is days away from going on a mission...

Great pictures. Monson's gonna be great. I wasn't there but I love and support your family and kids too!

Erin Blake said...

Melinda, your mom's hair looks great! This looks like it was the best! Love you guys. He'll be an awesome missionary!

Aussiemuminthekitchen said...

awwwwww sad we didn't know about this! Would have been fun to listen to him speak.

Melanie said...

Fabulous event. He is so darling, and so ready to go!

Si said...

Love love love Monson.
And Sheri's new hair. I sat behind a few rows back. Stunning!