Monday, December 5, 2011

Lesson in Service and Obedience

What a weekend of crazy wind, no power, debris and fallen trees!!  It was also a weekend filled with service and obedience.
I was amazed that church was called off and a work order was called in to clear debris and get our neighborhoods cleaned up before the next round of wind.   Everyone seemed a bit frantic but worked hard and well together.  Strangers were driving through neighborhoods just looking for some where to serve.
Wayne literally had his chain saw in his hand and was cutting up trees, from Thursday afternoon when the winds died down, to Sunday evening when it got too dark and all were "ordered" to stop.  His body hurts from the top of his head down to his little toe.  There is not one part that isn't achey.  He is a good server.
It was fun to see the different "jobs" people participated in..... loading, cutting, sweeping, driving, hauling, cooking, feeding, treating, get the idea.  There was something for everyone to do.
I really felt blessed this morning after a good nights sleep.  It was a good night because the wind petered out and didn't keep me awake with it's constant howling.
I know we were all blessed.
It's like in the old testament when the Faithlful are told to put lamb's blood on their doors and they would be passed over.
The Faithful, yesterday, did the clean up.  We did what our church and local leaders commissioned us all to do and the forecasted wind storm passed us over.
It was indeed a lesson in service and obedience.

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