Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday 5 Fave..... Monson

Monson is 19 years old.
Melinda, Dale, Wayne, Gma Welch, Landon, Monson, Holly, Laila, Gpa Lyle, Gma Sheri
We celebrated with Grandparents by going to Salt City Burger.... then Monson had Cake, opened a new camera for his mish, and played with Friends--Mackay LaSalle and Kyle Palowski.

 I will always remember when he was born for a couple of reasons:  Sister- Marcie's house burned down the day before, and  sister in law-Tami had baby Tyler 12 hours before Monson was born so we shared a hospital room.
We are at the 5 day count down to Monson leaving for 2 years.
For my final Friday 5 fave of 2011, I am dedicating this to him.
5 Favorite things about Monson.............
1- He gives awesome hugs---if you have ever received one you know what I mean.
2- He loves my cooking-- especially roast beef and mashed potatoes, chicken and rice and spaghetti with meatballs.
3- He "embraces" his red hair-- he jokes about it, sticks up for it and loves his "Gingerness."
4- He is a great listener.
5- He loves the Lord - he is looking forward to his next adventure in Michigan.

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