Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lessons on a Snow Day

We are enjoying a snow day today........No Church.  This is what happens when you have 9:00am meetings and the chapel is in the mouth of  Mueller Park Canyon....too hard to get there.  Oh well.
I love church so I am kind of sad.

I have been cleaning out the fridge and freezer and cooking up left over after left over for my family to feast on.  So far...mushroom pork, costa vida rice, chicken gravy and rice, chocolate chip cookies, carmel popcorn and hot rolls.    The snow better stop soon or we will be bursting out of our snow clothes.

Wayne actually had 6:30am meetings at this same, snowed in, Stake Center.  He got up and with faith drove onward and upward in his Jag.  Wayne was puting up the slippery hill.  He was a bit a head of the snow plows, so the roads were packed.  He had made it halfway and had turned onto 1800 south, when his car really just gave up.   He was slipping and sliding and decided to just put it in reverse and slowly back down to our house.
He was needing help.
Some other early church goers went past him in their snow-superior cars.
No one stopped to help.
Finally one good Samaritan stopped and helped Wayne back down the hill and then offered Wayne a ride to the Stake Center.
When Wayne got to Church a few that had passed him by said, "I would have stopped to help, but then I would have been stuck too."  "I couldn't stop to help, because you were in my way."
I have been pondering these comments all morning.

I hope I don't get so caught up in the destination to miss the real gospel/service opportunities that are around me every day....


Si said...

This is interesting.

MCC said...

This is always the stuck in snow help and risk or to drive by blindly. MMMM----left overs?????