Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Laila...

This is the note placed on my pillow tonight by one, Laila Welch.
I don't know why she was reminding me and not Wayne....but....she did.
She's always doing something that makes me either smile, or shake my head.

Laila has a "rival" at school.....Will. Someone who, she says, Hate's her, and she Hate's him right back. I don't know why she uses such a strong word, but she does. I over heard her talking about this rival to her friend, Heather. She kept saying that she was going to have a "rumble" with Will.
After a while, Heather said, "Rumble? Who even uses that word....what does it mean?"
Laila chimed in, "You know...a fight with dancing?"
Too much West Side Story, that's for sure.

Laila got voted in as Class president in her 2nd grade class. She gets to open doors and help the teacher let the class in etc..... I asked her why all of the kids voted for her? She said, "because I said I would be nice to every one and help them....but now I have to be nice to WILL!!!"
She was doing her scripture study tonight. (She actually has a journal that she writes a question in, every night, that she wants the answers to in the scriptures.) Tonight she wrote....."How can I be a good class president?" She found her answer in Josh 2:12....."Show kindness, and kindness will be shown back."
"Yep," she said....."I have to be nice even to Will."

Laila is always talking to our dog - Baby. She asks Baby questions then holds her hand in front of the dog's mouth and says, "If you agree, lick my hand."
The dog always agrees. The dog ALWAYS licks anything and everything.
The dog can't stop licking.
That's why what Laila does and says is so funny!

Laila went to school on Monday with only one "hangy-down" earring. She said she wanted to be a pirate, and off she went.

Laila has a ton of clothes. She is so blessed because she gets "hand-me-overs" from cousins and friends. Laila has been blessed so much, she couldn't close her drawers, they were just bulging. The problem is, I can never gether to give anything away.
I just have to sneak clothes out of her room.
Well....on Family night we had a scripture hunt on service, generosity and giving to the poor. Laila was touched. When I asked her what she thought she could give away, she answered,
"My clothes."
I was proud of her for coming up with this on her own, this time.
We spent the next 1/2 hour going through drawers and clothes filled plastic bags. She actually filled a giant black garbage bag with clothes and we took them to the DI today. It felt good!
Laila is her own best advertisement. She has a musical theatre class showcase on Saturday. Laila wants an audience. Last night she made 20 flyers advertising this event and passed them out at school today. She has a lot of gumption. Now she wants me to drive around and pick up the kids that tell her they are coming, and drive them to the show. She is very bossy!
See what I mean? I'm either smiling, or shaking my head...........


Carolyn's Blog said...

Oh, MY GOODNESS! What a delight! That young lady is going to give you a run for your money - I guess she is already!
Carolyn Black

Melanie said...

Gotta love that Laila! Jacob was a bit crushed that she beat him in the class president vote, he claims she beat him by only 2. As for being nice to everyone, I have a hard time being nice to that same person. And now I understand the flyer Jacob brought home.

Si said...

HA. She cracks me up.

Kimi said...

What can you say to that? She's one of a kind--love her!!