Saturday, May 15, 2010

Laila Day - Part 3

Laila Day.......continued......

The airplane arrived at 9:00 pm and we drove home to show the boys their new baby sister. Boy, were we ever in for a grand surprise.

The boys with Aunt Cyrrena Welch and friend Laura Belnap and a few of my students, had decorated with balloons, a white stork statue and banners, our entire front yard.

“She’s Here,” the sign said over the garage and she really was. It was so great to come into the house and have so many anxious and supportive family and friends there to welcome the newest Welch baby.

The brothers all took turns holding her—no one else, others could only look at her—Laila was a trooper. So many people to say “hi” to her, and to see how beautiful she really is. Laila was peaceful, just looking around and greeting everyone.

After everyone had gone home, we knelt together in our new family unit –7 of us. We said a prayer of thanksgiving for this wonderful baby girl that the Lord had brought to our family. We all put our hands in the center at the end of the prayer—with Laila’s gorgeous brown baby hand added, and said, “Forever!!!”

Life is wonderful—Laila is finally here!!

Laila’s story: I was born January 22, 2002 in New Jersey to a woman named Roseanne. I don’t remember much about my first 3 months, but I do know that my birth mom wanted to give me a better life—so she gave me to the Welch’s . She loved me enough to want more for me. The Welch family had always wanted a baby girl—they just didn’t know who. They say I am an angel and a blessing. I met my mommy and daddy for the first time on May 15th—it was love at first sight. Our hearts matched. I didn’t grow in my mommy’s tummy. I grew in her heart!

I got to fly on my first airplane that day and come to my home with 4 brothers and Stephi the dog. My brothers, Addison, Landon, Truman and Monson all adore me. They laugh with me and hold me and feed me and they can’t believe how perfect I am.

Life is wonderful—I am finally here!!!

...and we all lived happily ever after.

(Laila meets Best Friend Heather Kofford.... 4 months)

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Jill said...

What a blessing she is! I love her blessing picture. She is adorable.