Monday, July 24, 2017

Pioneer weekend celebration

 Laila makes a darling cheerleader with the BHS tribe.    We got a pic of her and Grandma Welch before the Bountiful parade started and we were amazed how they are now the same size.  Either Laila is growing or Grandma is shrinking.
Laila was on the float cheering witht eh SBO's and then.....
 Papa Wayne rushed into the street to get an upclose and personal picture...and Laila about died.
 She hid her face and ran to the other side of the float.  It was SOOOOO Funny.  We do our best to embarrass her.  IT builds character right??

Alf is finally letting Papa put him on the motorcycle and just sit like tough day he may even let Wayne turn the motorcycle on.
 After the parade we invited family, friends and YSA’s from our ward to come to our home for hot scones, music from a DJ ( Nate Gates) and fireworks.   It was a great turnout.  Our regular fam and friends who come on this night didn’t know quite what to think, but they were good sports.   The joy of being a YSA Bishop.   It actually was a lot of fun and quite festive…we had music before the fireworks, patriotic music during the fireworks and dance party music after the fireworks til 11:00.  I was grateful for Linda Wangsgaard helping me pull 170 scones.   

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