Sunday, July 16, 2017

55 and ready to Party!

 Thanks for these pics Bre @pepperfoxfoto for reminding me that I'm as young at heart as I want to be.   My life is sweet... but I'm kind of struggling with  turning 55. My sister Marcie never got to be this age, and this is really hard for me to wrap my head around.   She only got to be on this earth 54 years.   She was always the oldest.  It's weird to think I'm older now than she will ever be. 
I'm shifting my thinking....instead of complaining about getting old and that my body is falling apart I'm going to be grateful that I get another year on this earth.

 Each new wrinkle means I spent some wonderful time in the sun and I have a great family and group of friends to worry about. I have deep smile lines too...  because  there's been so much in these last 55 to smile about.  

Each ache and pain means I moved my body and hopefully I will wear it out playing with my grandkids, biking, being on stage and in doing service.  

My accumulation of gray hair reminds me to take care of myself ... every 8 weeks I get a color and therapy session with hairdresser and  Bro-in-law Gary......actually my hair has never looked better than it has in my 50s so that's a perk. 

As my eyes dim and I need to put on readers to see the computer screen, the hymnal, the ingredients on a can, this allows me to slow down and ask for help more. It helps me remember I'm not Wonder Woman and I do need to rely on others and the Lord. 

Getting  older allows me to share more moments with the people I love the create more memories!!
I've decided that what's truly important  is growth, because in the end, getting older just happens but growing old is optional.

Turning 55 is  a privilege and a blessing and I am ready to party. 

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