Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Weekend Pt. 2

Sunday was wonderful.... We celebrated Holly's 40th birthday with a big family BBQ at Terry and Cyrrena's lovely back yard.  So many Welches came to celebrate and holly felt really special.  Holly told me to "listen to my heart" in choosing a gift for her so I made her a knit purple love blanket and she was thrilled.  She said, "this makes my eyes watery."   Sandy put a book together for her with letters and notes form everyone telling how special Holly really is in all of our lives.  That made her eyes watery too.  So cute.

Then.............We all headed to the Farmington Cemetery to remember Tom.  He has been gone for 13 years and it's good to sit around...actually we "camp " around the grave site and tell stories and reflect on his life.  I love this time shared.  

 Wayne makes sure we always tell the Addison and pet Grasshopper story that Grandpa Tom killed with a fly swatter up at the cabin, and Tami makes sure we re tell the Hunter announcing to all of us at Tom's viewing that "grandpa feels like a corn dog!"  Family legends at this point, but we also share other stories about his service and goodness and doing so much for so many even when he just didn't feel good for about the last decade of his life.

Wanee with almost all her boys.  We missed Dale this year.

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