Monday, January 23, 2017

Laila is 15!!

My little girl is growing up!! I can't believe she is 15 and will be getting her permit soon and begin driving....yikes.  We celebrated Laila, Alfie and Truman's birthday with a family dinner gathering.  We celebrated like it was summer with burgers, potato salad,  chips and chocolate cake and ice cream and rhubarb and banana cream pie.  Delicious!   
I love the part of our family celebration where we go around the circle and say something about the birthday person.... Some things shared about Laila were;  She's kind and caring to the grandkids, the grandkids love her the most, she's a great aunt, she tries new things, proud of her tumbling accomplishments,  she is a great friend, she is getting more discerning with friends, she is loyal, she loves her siblings.
Things shared about Truman:  He is adventurous, proud of him for trying new things, he has a lot of change this past year and he's handling it well, he is reaching out to his family more and working on better relationships with his siblings, he is courteous, he is fun and funny, he is the whole package...he's got all of the "tools"-- looks, job, personality.... 
The cute thing about all of this were Sophia's reactions... after every comment she would say...yes, wow, I agree.... so funny.  
Laila was thrilled to get the next NEW iphone when it comes out...her phone is perfectly fine until then.
Laila celebrated her birthday weekend with some friends at Katelyn Pattison's home on friday with presents and dinner and then she went down to Spanish Fork to hang out with cousins Fielding Morley and Ty Callister,  She planned her weekend and did just what she wanted, and I guess my real gift to her was not to remind or dwell on what needed to get done in her online school.
We got together with some wonderful friends recently.... I love all of these people and I can't imagine my life without them...and the impact they have had on my children's lives is immense.   I am forever grateful we live in this neighborhood and ward.
Bob and Diane Lake, Eric and Kim Johnston, Lance and Heidi Bingham, Bob and Kimi Farley, Grant and Si Foster, Brett and Erin Blake, Wayne and Me, Eric and Laura Belnap.

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