Sunday, January 8, 2017

January changes

We celebrated Wayne’s 55- double nickel birthday …he did it all himself since I’m laid up from toe surgery.  Wayne invited all the kids, got his own gifts--two new suits, white shirts and ties--He cleaned the house, ordered the sushi, played games, cleaned up and basically said “Happy Birthday to me”  At least his big 55 birthday was not forgotten.  We were happy to have all the family here except for Truman who is on his way to Australia for a week…mate.  ( said in an Australian accent) 

 Wayne got put in as Bishop today of the North Canyon Ward in the Bountiful Young Single Adult Stake.  He has been serving in this stake as a high councilman and will be taking Bishop Kings place.  Bishop King is now in this stake’s Stake Presidency.   It was a big turnover.  Wayne will be wonderful in this calling he is warm, kind, genuine and has a lot of empathy for these YSA’s with all of the different life and family dynamics.   Wayne bore his sweet testimony of remembering the Savior and trying to be like him and remembering we are all Children of God.   I was so happy to have the support of all of our children, grandchildren, Wanee and Holly and extended family on this day.  It really meant a lot to Wayne and it warmed this momma’s heart.   Because it was also testimony meeting today, Holly went up and bore her testimony about her bishop brother and how he likes to tease her and how happy she was for him.  The YSA’s all loved it. 
Dale Muir 1st Counselor, Bishop Welch , Mark Johnson 2nd Counselor

 As new young adult bishop and wife we jumped right into things with a YSA family home evening at our home. Because of my foot surgery I just sat in my office chair with my foot up and “ordered’ people around.  We had a great turn out… over 50 people here with chairs and bodies everywhere.  I think they came to see what the new bishop was like.  Wayne gave a lesson on how the Lord knows us by name and then he had the YA’s put questions in a hat that they wanted to know about the Welches.  We told about how we met, and  mission experiences and how I waited for Wayne on his mission..and embarrassing moments and hobbies, and favorite movies and it was great fun. 
I had my toe surgery on Tuesday morning and the doctor said that this was the best one of these types of surgeries that he has ever performed.  He made my metatarsal bone shorter, attached ligaments and a tendon.  I was out of it for a few days with Lortab but now I’m feeling good.  I just can’t have any weight on this foot for 4-6 weeks…and it’s my right foot so I can’t drive.  I got a sweet knee scooter to wheel around the kitchen area and give grandkids rides on though.  And  I’ve had a lot of visitors and food delivered. ( My holiday eating continues)   So many nice people out there.    In the past 5 days, I have watched too many movies,  read two complete novels and knitted two kid size blankets.   What will I do next week??


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