Friday, January 20, 2017

Foot update

I've been recuperating from my foot/toe surgery for the past 2-1/2 weeks.  Its been good and tough.  Good to have time to read books and knit and binge watch some tv series and movies.... tough because all I've been able to do is sit around, stay off my foot, ride my knee scooter and NOT DRIVE.  It's the stuck at home not driving part that is tough for me.   

I've read A Man Called Ove, and My Grandmother told me to tell you goodbye. both by Fredrick Backman.    I really loved both of these...sometimes I like a book better though when i can read it all in one day, or two days...and just be totally in it...that's what happened with these two books....hence the love.   
The Rosie Project by Grameme Simsion,  
The Magnoia Story about Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame.    
Counting by 7 by Holly Goldman good...once again read it in one sitting...and loved it. 
the Snowflake story, My orange Duffle bag, and Maya Angelou essays.    I have more books in my stack to tackle the next two weeks.  
I sit therefore I read. 

I've also knitted up a storm.... I have made 6 baby or lap type blankets.... I'm ready for babies and birthdays now.

At my two week check Doc Johnston put me in a to be used sparingly... but will allow me to get around and leave my home.  I still can't drive, but it has given me some freedom to go to lunch, my school activity and to go see Kinky Boots with Truman.  

My "kinky"  hobbling boot is hidden behind these red boots in the pic....

Kinky Boots is a beautiful show that teaches the following six things when a shoe factory goes from making old brown men's shoes to large flashy boots for drag queens.  
1.  Pursue the Truth. 
2.  Learn something new
3.  Accept yourself and you'll accept others too.
4.  Let Love Shine.
5.  Let pride be your guide
6.  Change the world when you change your mind

Truman got home from his vacation to Australia...that actually was kind of a disaster that he tried to make the most of..and if you only saw what he posted on social media, you would think it was a fun time.  In a nut shell:  Truman flew to Australia with his friend Van Welch and on the way there Van got a backache and a fever and so they went to the emergency room and Van was diagnosed with Viral Meningitis...with complications.  Van was stuck in the hospital for 8 days... and basically "escaped" when he left with a catheter still in tact....crazy.  Truman spent most of his day at the hospital being a loyal friend and advocate for Van and then going out a few hours of the day to site see and get some food.  Tru's work gave him 6 more days leave to help get to the point where Van could fly back to Utah.  Such a crazy time for both of them.  It's never fun to be sick on vacation...let alone trapped in a hospital.    I'm glad Tru made it home to see Kinky Boots with me and to celebrate his birthday with us.

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