Thursday, October 13, 2016

Witch's Brew

Back row:  Kimi Farley, Christina Barlow, Jill Allsop, Laura Belnap, Jana Uryan.  Front row;  Amber Crane, Kristi Farr, Annie Keuhne and Me in my witch makeup of course.  We also had Emilee Belnap Dahl, who came late.
I had my annual wear a witch hat and come to my house for lunch event.  This time it was more about meeting the new neighbor Annie Keuhne, who moved in to the west of me, so I invited neighbors just around me.  It was fun getting to know Annie better and hopefully she can start feeling more at home at this end of the ward.  

I love Halloween and and I love that my poor housekeeping, dust and spider webs all count as decor at this time of year.  I think that's why having a party in October doesn't bother me....and it's always low key, low stress, potluck anyway......

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