Monday, October 31, 2016

Come As You Aren't-- Halloween Party

We loved spending time with the Grandkids....they loved Wayne and only liked me. NO eye contact was made with Alfie or Tayla...they would just cry. 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN....we held out extended Cole family Halloween costume party. 
"Come as you Aren't."
Everyone got into the spirt o the evening and dressed up.  It made me very happy.  I've decided I'm "all In" on Holidays and events.  No sitting on the sidelines for me.  I have to live everything twice now..once for me and once for my sister Marcie.  She loved Holidays and made them special for everyone around her.  I need to take up her slack.   She would have loved this party.

We had plenty of spooky food: Blood and Guts and Bones ( chile and breadsticks) for dinner and witches brew ( dry ice in rootbeer) and a lot of ghostly goodies: cake with eyes and gummy worms inside, ghost brownie, boo rice krispies and rice krispie monsters, apple spiders and mom's donut recipe that Liz and Al brought after making 10 dozen donuts the night before… it was really delicious.

I set up a “feel” box for the kids  with brains, guts, eyeballs, heart, toes and teeth ..they were creeped out, which is just what I wanted.  We played Mind Reader where we had to match our answers to Waynes,   Halloween scattegories, Spatula-man wehre you are blind folded and a victim is brought forward and you have to guess who it is just by feeling the person up with other touching, silent screams and death scenes..   Add and Bre set up a photo booth for everyone where we took these awesome shots..... and once most people had all gone home Alf as King Arthur went around and “sworded” all of us til we fake died then he kissed us awake.

Cruella, Jasper and Puppy...

Andrew as Pinocchio complete with strings, Sophia as Super Girl, and Alfie as Arthur from the Sword and the Stone

Al as an NFL ref and Liz with her baby hands....

Alex and Landon as Pirates with Pinocchio and Supergirl

Angela won best costume award.  Sophia got to choose...she loved FLO from progressive insurance ads. Preston as Jake from State Farm and Guy as Mayhem.  All insurance themed.

Casey as Signs boy and pregnant Becca as a hot dog.

Sword and the Stone...Beach Merlin ( Addison) Arthur ( Alf) and Madame Mim ( Bre)

Meghan as Madame Trelawney, Gary as the Cat in the Hat,  Hayden as Brexit..and Nelson as a Coach for the Vikings.

Jordan and Laurie with the Star wars boys

Jenna Cole

Rachel and Nano as Lucy and Ricky

Adam - Jake from State Farm....  and Christine... 

Preston's second costume...he made it himself

Monson as King LeBron James and Tayla as Be and Lexi as Yonce.

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