Thursday, September 22, 2016

Monson and Tender Mercies

We have seen so many Tender mercies lately, so many times when the Lord’s hand is visible in our family’s life.

Monson and Lexi thought they had a 5 year California "employment plan" and moved to Fresno with all confidence of making money in Pest Control and starting their own company with former mission companion Preston.  Well, there were too many promises made and  not enough kept, and Monson and Lexi were feeling disillusioned and vulnerable about what their future held in California and were missing too many family and friends in Utah and wanted to move back.  The problem is they  signed a year lease on their apartment, so are stuck there till then, or will have to pay a $2000 fee to get out of the lease.  What to do?? Monson got a phone call out of the blue from a mission companion that needs a place to lease because they have to have their baby in California for the insurance to be good.  "The baby is due any day, and could Monson and Lexi move out now?"  Tender Mercy

Monson reached out to family and friends for job/career ideas  and got an interview with VISA  at Thanksgiving point.    Monson got Landon to help with this resume, and  Alex helped with interview practice..and Monson passed the first 2 interviews and found out he was in the top three for a good job….but the guy hiring wanted an in person interview with him. 

Monson reached out Wayne and Wayne got him a flight here on Delta- here for a day- to have an interview.  

Well…….when Monson and Lexi flew home 3 weeks ago, Monson left his wallet on an Allegiant plane, and now his Wallet was in Allegiant’s lock box waiting for Monson to return and pick it up.  LAX, is 4+ hours away from Fresno, so getting there wasn’t happening any time soon.  When Monson got this interview, his plan was to fly out of LAX and pick his wallet and ID up along the way so he could get through security.  (His passport is in Bountiful.)   Well Allegiant was no where to be found..just a closed desk with no one insight.  All Allegiant phone calls went to their Las Vegas office, and they were zero help.  At the last minute Lexi told Monson to take his Social security card, just in case.   Well Monson got through LAX security with just his Social security card and his Dewy pest control photo ID.  Tender Mercy…. And then he took a wrong turn and exited  the airport and had to go through security again, but this time it was a little harder.  4 security agents, couldn’t believe the first guy had let him through and ended up deliberating for quite some time and then let him through to his gate AGAIN.  That’s right a Social security card and a Dewy pest control photo id that looks like it was made at RS homemaking night.   Tender Mercy.

Monson got here without his suit …and Sunday shoes.  Well we bought him a new pair of shoes, and in my coat closet was one of Grandpa Lyle’s old suits, that I hadn’t DI’d yet.  It fit him perfectly.  He went to his interview looking so sharp.  Angel Grandpa Lyle was helping out.    Tender Mercy

In deciding to move Monson and Lexi back to Bountiful we asked Brad and Karen if they might have an apartment available..…they did, but even better, they mentioned to Jessica Butters Everett and she has her basement apartment available as of Nov. 1st… Tender Mercy.    This is the perfect set up for them..a home ward and low rent while they are trying to pay bills and make some money. Monson and Lexi will be living with us out of a suitcase for a few weeks, then into the apartment.

I wish I could end this by talking about how Monson got the job…..the biggest tender mercy of it all….. I can’t.  The process is not done yet.  He interviewed with “the guy” who then wanted him to meet and talk to the VP in charge …so that’s a good sign.  We will have to wait for the rest of the story.

Family…is great.
God is good.

Tender mercies exist and happen all around us, all of the time.  We need to take the time to recognize and be grateful.

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Andrew and Gina said...

If I wasn't in the 7th ward I would be totally jealous of them being in Jessica's ward. Truly one of the best wards in the world. Yay for Lexi & Monson!