Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fairy Tale Festival

Laila and I participated in Centerpoint Theatre's Fairy Tale Festival and we had a blast.  Laila got to be with the Princesses and be Jasmine.... She was darling with all of the children and really took time to talk to them and knelt down to be on their level.  There was one cute boy dressed as Aladdin that really wanted a pic with her.  Laila got to do both Daddy Daughter Balls...which are just so sweet with the Dad's all dressed up and their daughters in princess attire..... and be part of the procession and dance with the kids.

I had a riot running around as Cruella Deville demanding puppies from the children, and basically scaring everyone.  I sang on the steps "Step sister Lament," and "So Long Dearie" dressed as Cruella...

I was on the committee  and have spent the past months planning and preparing for this event.  Getting volunteers, purchasing craft supplies etc.... then spent all day Friday setting up so we could be open to the public Friday from 4-8 then Saturday from's a bit deal.   The festival included craft booths, and free carnival games and pirate play area, bounce houses, a balloon artist, vendor booths, food booths, live entertainment.  partici-play, story telling hall, once upon a story book, knights in training, pirate scallawag school, a wishing well to make cards for primary children's, little girl hair do's and make overs, face painting, and ended with an adult Villains ball.... so many activities.

Alfie was not happy  about me in a Cruella Deville costume... He liked the puppy but would never make eye contact with me. 

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