Sunday, July 24, 2016

Some things I love.....

......Diet Coke..... Now a days it's caffeine free most of the time, but I still love it with coconut syrup and fresh limes....delicious!
...... Being  Dolly in Hello Dolly.  We are still in rehearsal mode but I'm enjoying every moment of it.  This is such a beautiful story of loss and then getting back into Life.  It's about new found love and new beginnings.  I think I can relate to Dolly on many levels with the things my family has gone through the last 3 years.   I love singing my guts out on the stage and dancing and being with fellow actors.  I like it so much I even said yes to riding on the Hello Dolly float for the Bountiful Parade.  I don't like hot, commercialized  parades...but I did it.
...good friends......Linda and TimWangsgaard are wonderful, steady friends. 
.........Motorcycling with the Wangsgaards..... We didn't do any rides last summer because Wayne was training for LOTOJA.... I didn't realize how much I missed it.   I love riding the canyons, or around Pineview reservoir listening to music and seeing the beautiful scenery go by through a motorcycle helmet.  
.....Having Alfie around.  I get to have him while his parents teach a drama camp this summer.  We have a lot of adventures.  The other day we went to  a matinee movie of "The secret life of pets."  He was darling.  He got to have the big bucket of popcorn all by himself. He mostly liked this movie, although the middle was dark, scary and weird for a 2 year old...and for a 54 year old too.

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