Monday, July 18, 2016

Bear Lake 2016 and Birthday!

Bear Lake has my heart.
My niece, Rachel summed up Bear Lake and our decades of family vacations there, this way:
This place is sacred for us. So many memories lie in this sand and swim in this water.  We have laughed here. We have loved here. We have lost here.  We have lived here.  Every year is different.  We are all a year older, maybe a little wiser, but definitely changed.

Here are our Bear Lake Bests:

Melinda:  The Family tree picture.  It changes every year, but I'm so glad we take it.  
Reading at the beach
Double Raspberry shake for my birthday
Celebrating my birthday at the lake and a special visit by a dinosaur!
Wayne:  Hanging out in the Boat
Riding bike around the lake
Laila: Biking every day to get food at Zips...20.4 miles total with friend Kaitlyn Pattison (KP)
Tubing til our elbows bled
Monson and Lexi:  Liz in a dinosaur suit at the lake
Watching Sophia tubing
Tayla in the lake
Everyone Pokemon Going
Juanito Bandito
Andrew:  Being on the boat
Downtime in  the conco
Playing on the beach
Sophia:  Going on the tube with Landon
Seeing Link at the Hairspray show
Landon and Alex:  Pickleville Playhouse shows
Seeing the kids overcome fears
Bear Lake as Landon's birthday present
Addison:  Watching Alf on the beach
Building Sand Temples
Jumping off the boat with Alf
Bre:  Zipz hand dipped corn dawg and blackberry lemonade
Being with Alf on the boat

 Juanito Bandito is always a hit...we love going to the Pickleville Playhouse.
 Pappa and ALfie....we made it to the lake....and Sweetwater.
 Alfie kept asking people to build sand temples.... not castles .  It was so sweet.

 Eric, Janessa, KP, Laila and Preston... the teenagers and one teenager at heart.
 Alfie was determined to play volleyball.  Alfie wants to play anything and everything with a ball attached.  It's like he's obsessed.
 Volley ball sportsing much fun.
Wayne and Casey biked all the way around the lake..50 miles. Becca and I joined them for 30 miles.

 So much time on the beach...we love just listening to the water and the kids playing in the sand...and every so often we would get on the boat to tube and wake board.
 Laila and KP hung out with cousin Preston and his friend Eric...

ANDREW lost his head.....or is that Sophia??
 Tayla arrived with her parents from California.  SHe is representing Grandma Sheri at the beach with her sweater on...

 Feeding the Fish at the Marina....the carp are gross
 Ice cream EVERY NIGHT.....

 TIme spent on the boat...with family and KP  Kaitlyn Pattison, Laila's cheer friend.

 Sisters.  We certainly missed Marcie this year....only a few tears were shed.  Mostly happy memories.
 Family Tree pic...missing Tru and Bre.....

 Our Utah Ute Canopies....and Alfie carefully taking his car across the water.
 Sophia was brave and trubed with Landon

 Happy Birthday to me.... Double Raspberry Shake and Fries at LeBeaus.

 Becca and Casey brought a giant was awesome.
 Just hanging out on Robert the Flamingo  float.... Rachel brought it up.
 Liz made my birthday complete and completely hilarious.  She showed up in the dino costume at the beach and then entertained the crowd.  It was wonderful.

Liz put the costume on one more time to play funny

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