Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Flight school...

 Truman is so happy to be in Atlanta training to be a DELTA flight attendant.  He's made it through three weeks and has done soooo well.  He actually had his instructors pull him aside and tell him he is first in his class.  This is such good news.  It seems like such a great job fit for Tru.
 They have had to learn all sorts of emergency procedures and practice them.  These pics are all of the water drills etc...  These pics are also like a "where's Waldo... I mean Truman..."  Can you spot him?
 Delta is all about rules and procedures.  Very strict.  6 people from Truman have gotten sent home/kicked out of the program because of infractions.  One for poor grades, one for having a black watch band, two for wispy hair and one for being 10 seconds late to class.  It's very strict and very rigorous.  There are 100 people training broken into 3 groups.  One group trains from 8-8, one 10 -10 and Truman's is noon to midnight.  Only Sunday off.   He is liking it though, and his group and he's excited he is half way done!

Wayne and I head to Atlanta at the end of this month for Truman's graduation ceremony.  We fly for free  of course!

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