Saturday, February 20, 2016

Wanda and Wanee turn 80!

We celebrated these two elect ladies with an open house in North Logan on their special 80th birthday, Feb. 20th 2016.  They are people-people and loved having family, friends and siblings all there for them with hugs and notes and brownie sundaes to celebrate.

We gave Wanee an 80th Birthday Locket with this note...
Trying to figure out what to give the most elect Lady on her 80th birthday has been a challenge.  You have given us all soooo much.  There is no way we could fit all of the love we have for you in a gift box….so we decided on symbols that remind us of you.
We have gifted you this locket as a small token of what you mean to all us.
The necklace is silver because as the scripture says in Malachi you have been through the refiners fire and have been purified and become beautiful silver. 
It sparkles because your personality always shines through.
The locket is filled with 9 charms for your 9 children- Hence the number 9 charm.
There is a green birthstone for your beloved Tom.  
There are angel wings because you are an angel to all of us.  You have given each of us wings to fly.
There is a potted flower which represents your love for the outdoors. (If there was a cabin charm we would have got that one!)  We appreciate your love for the beauty of the earth and are grateful that you have shared this love with all of us.  You are a nurturer and have learned to bloom where you are planted.
The Piano charm is for your love of music and for teaching each of us to play….some better than others…but you persevered with grandchildren too.
An “I love you hand”…sign language sentiment. 
The Basketball Charm…. We love that you love the Utah Jazz and share in this love with your sister Eva Fay. 
There is a heart with family inscribed.  We know where your heart lies…one just has to look at your living room wall of all your posterity to see. “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
Finally there is sewing machine.  We can’t count the hours you spent sewing for each of us  - Sunday dresses, bridesmaids dresses, costumes and more.  You work with your hands with crocheting and needlework too.
If it were possible for us to conjure up the perfect Mother, Mother-in Law,  and Grandmother, she would be exactly like you!
As you look at the charms in this locket, we hope that what you see is how much we all love you.

Happy Birthday!

Wanda wrote down these sweet growing up memories to share  and had them on the display table.  I took pics of the different moments.  

We loved celebrating with Wanee.  Wanee has 9 children,  41 grand children, 37 Great grands with 3 more on the way.
This is just some of the family that were at the end of the event.

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