Sunday, February 28, 2016

Custody Court

Alex and Landon had their  final custody  court  battle this week.  This has been a two year long custody drama with evaluations and delayed trials and infighting and a crazy x-wife.   Alex would tell us stories about his x and what she was doing with the kids, but we always thought,   "...yes but.. there are always two sides to a story."  So it was eye opening and interesting listening to Dr. Dunn a court appointed custody evaluator , after three hours on the witness stand, basically stating that the momma is toxic to Andrew and Sophia and needs to have therapy for years, and that Andrew and Sophia are much better off being with Alex and Landon.   We now only pray that the judge sees it the same way and changes custody with a decree in March.   The precedent is that the judge always goes with what the court appointed evaluator says to are now just waiting......

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