Saturday, December 26, 2015

Feliz Navidad

Christmas Around the World is our new Christmas Eve theme.  This year we celebrated Mexico with Feliz Navidad and 3 Mexicans joining us...Sal, his sister Senia and Marz, all are Tru's friends who needed a place to be on Christmas Eve and we were happy to have them.
We also had Wayne, Tru, Laila, Monson, Lexi, Tayla, my sister Liz and Me.   

We decorated with sarapes, sombreros and banners, we ate tamales and Cafe rio type salads and guacamole and chips with Liz's salsa.  We played card games, and Telestrations and then played on our simple instuments, Feliz Navidad.  We were going to go caroling but it was too cold... 18 we opted to make a video instead: 

We practiced our spanish accents and sounded more and more like Nacho Libre. 
Liz and I did a rousing rendition of an old Cole collection song, Pablo and Reindeer.

We ate churros dipped in authentic Mexican hot chocolate with cinnamon deliciousness....
....and then we got matching one piece jammies to watch the Christmas movie ELF in.  They didn't fit Wayne, but everyone else was good, except Monson who we made put red basketball shorts over his so they would be more modest and not so form fitting.  It was pretty funny.   We were all exhausted and slumbered in our beds til 9am Christmas morning.  

Feliz Navidad was a success.  We are deciding on a different county for next year.

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