Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Eve

Poppa Wayne doing puzzles with Sophia and Andrew
I've been looking forward to Christmas this year because I "shopped" for Christmas gifts out of my parents estate.  I was able to give a little something to each of my kids that will remind them of their grandparents.  It was sweet to then share these treasures with each of them.    We delivered these grifts around on Christmas Adam...Dec. 23rd.  
I have my Christmas light necklace on, and Adam his best Christmas sweater.
Our Christmas eve celebration always kicks off with extended Cole family breakfast at the Calls.  We started this breakfast tradtition when I was a child and my parents worked at Cold Esq....    We get together and have a wonderful breakfast  then have a white elephant gift exchange.   We have been trading a yard decoration of Meer Cats for years.  It just keeps coming back.  The gift that keeps on giving.  This year the big "hit" were prints by Addison of Pocahontas and his White christmas Sisters print.  Swig and Cafe rio gift cards were also a big hit.  
Poppa Wayne and Sophia
Guy, Preston and Angela
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Andrew, Alex and Landon
Casey, Becca and Jenna
Fernando, Rachel, Adam and Christine
Lexi and Tayla
Aaron and Melinda
Allison, Megan and Liz
We all take off for bowling around 11:00.  For many of us this is the only time all year we bowl, so our scores are pretty low, but our spirits are always high.
Chris and Adam in his second costume of the day.....
Al and Liz are all lit up..... I told them this could be next years christmas card.
The only pic of the whole group was captured on Al's I took a picture of it.  Hopefully a big one is on it's way.

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