Sunday, September 13, 2015


LOTOJA is done!  Wayne and his riding team were on their bikes for 12 hours and 14 minutes and came across the finish line at 8:26 pm.  It was a grueling 206 miles.   The last hour was in the dark which made it even more difficult for Wayne. The guys, knowing his dizzy  difficulties urged him to go ahead and finish in the light but he said no. He wouldn't leave them. They started together and they would finish together. Wayne pulled everyone in the last 26 miles. It took some intense focus. I'm so proud of his strength and his loyalty. 

We had a great time as BBB crew. Laura and I sang and laughed and cried in the car all day. We made up this Song  to the tune of "You are Me Sunshine ": 
We're riding Logan up to Jackson
Some people call it LOTOJA
We're the support crew, we bring the water 
They ride their bikes til their butts are raw
We are the girl crew. The BBB crew
We keep them happy all through the race
They'll never eat all the food we give them
But it puts a smile on their face. 

Coming across the finish line cheering and crying for the riders really felt like an accomplishment. It proves once again that Wayne can do hard things. 

Wayne's team included Bob Lake, Kent Stanger, Kevin Martin and Eric Belnap. Brad Party and Mark Lalli rode together. 

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