Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

After the drama of August/September with my sister and my dad dying and funerals and exhausting emotions...it was good to run away to the Welch family cabin for a bit.  
Meemaw time with Alfie, Sophia and Andrew.  
Bre and Tru dress alike at the cabin....kind of strange
Addison and Bre try to kiss with helmets on... the ATV's were great!
Alex and Landon sit by the fire....
We spent the weekend with the Madsen and Mark Welch families and Wanee and Holly.   At times it was wall to wall people, but it was wonderful.  We played games, watched videos, played outside, talked around the fire, had dutch oven prepared by Rob Madsen, canoed in the lake, lots of food and little sleep.  We had a special talent night Sunday evening with songs and jokes and dance moves.  Wanee performed the much requested "How much is that doggy in the window" complete with her barking.   Holly ended with her testimony and Wayne wrapped it up with reminding us why we have trials in our lives and how can can grow closer to Heavenly Father because of them.  
Melinda and Tami singing "Colors of the Wind" as we tried to figure out our paddling.
Playing ball with Laila, Alex and Alfie.
Andrew loved getting dirty and riding the 4 wheeler
Tru, ALfie, Bre and Addison watching the Talent Show.  Bre sang little Mermaid songs and a Xanadu duet with Addison.  Addison sang "Puttin on the Ritz."  Tru sang his Pinnochio song from SHrek.

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