Friday, August 28, 2015

Big and Little Lyle

My dad's last days are here.  He is confined in a hospital bed in his room with a catheter.  His Body is breaking down and he is getting weaker.
Last night Bre brought Alfie over for one last Great Grandpa hug.  Alfie call's Grandpa Lyle....Pile.  It's pretty cute.  Alfie did all ofhis sign language, grass, flower, clouds, horse etc... he was delightful and at the end gave a big "muwah" blow kiss...then struggled to get away from Bre and ran over and gave Gpa Lyle a real kiss.  It was so sweet.   This is the last time on this side of the veil these two will be together.  It really is a sweet legacy that Alfie shares dad's name.

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