Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Marcie Memory...

Me and Marcie at our parents home..2010
I'm thinking about a sacred time …when I knew this amazing sister of mine was always there for me…… it was the night Laila fell and cracked her skull during an Annie rehearsal at Bountiful High, Oct. 2008.   I was supposed to be flying to China that night to meet up with Wayne, but instead Laila was brought home from rehearsal, became unconscious and we were life flighted to Primary Children’s intensive care unit.  It was very traumatic and all indications were that my sweet baby girl was not going to live through the night.  Wayne was in China struggling to get home, friends and family were gathered around for prayers and support and I knew I was going to have a sleepless night ahead of me at the hospital… It was my sister Marcie who was my rock…as always…she volunteered to stay by my side.  She knew just what to do and say as we sang primary songs and sat vigil with Laila through that long, long night.  It typified our relationship…. I needed to be strong…and she was always there adding her strength to mine.   She was my shoulder to cry on, my cheerleader, my best friend. 
 I will forever be grateful to her and for this memory.  

Laila with the orphans in Annie...2008

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