Monday, March 9, 2015

Treasured Brother

I may be a week late in wishing my favorite brother a Happy 50th Birthday...but... I have been thinking about him all week.  I love this guy so much!  He's been through a lot, has been tested and tried and he continues to move forward with faith.  He's a great example to me.
Adam and Christine with Aaron, Rachel, Becca and Jenna 2013
I treasure my brother Adam. I have scattered memories of growing up together.

As his big sister, I have known Adam from his beginning.  I remember holding him and playing with him, like he was Marcie’s and my doll.  
2 year old Adam 1967
When I was in grade school, I didn’t pay much attention to my little brother Adam, beyond what a pest he was.  We had a lot of summer fun swimming at Grandma Butter's pool, water skiing at Bear Lake and hanging out with the Poulter cousins. He did all of the typical "boy" things,  he was rough and daring and had broken bones, concussions, and stitiches to show for this. 
13 year old Adam.
His teen years, were my older teen years, so I was very self centered and didn’t really know what was happening with my brother, except when he was hurt or in trouble or making my mom cry. (I don’t recall the reasons for any of these.)   He had a big ego and in the summer with his bleached blonde hair and deep tan, he was like a Summer God!

I do remember being so happy for him  and grateful that he went on a mission  to Mexico City, Mexico. I kept his mission scrap book for him.....
1984 at Airport with Grandpa Butters
  He grew up a lot…and when he came home I was a new mom with baby Addison…. So again I was at a different stage in life and worried about bottles and sleepless nights, while Adam was back in school, and dating and figuring out his own adult path.
Bash Banner 1987
Adam married Christine, had Aaron quickly and settled into family life.  He was/is an adoring father.  He is hands on, funny and fun…and gives great bear hugs.
Adam went back to get his MBA from BYU after he had 4 children…and it was  difficult..yet he did it. My parents were so proud of him.
It was nice having Christine and him move back to Bountiful, and have so many of his children my children’s ages…. this was filled with fun and tears as the cousins struggled and thrived through jr. high and high school.  We were all just learning and growing as parents and trying to figure out family dynamics along the way.
Adam and Christine Cole family 1993
There are many things I love about this brother of are a few stand out qualities.....
Adam is hilarious.  He remembers jokes and is always putting a funny twist on a situation.  He loves to  change the words to songs so they will be funnier, and  they just are with his silly voices and lyrics.  
He is an eternal optimist….a glass half full kind of guy which has been very valuable for him with his roller coaster employment.  He is always hopeful and helpful with our momma and now our dad.

Adam plays the guitar and I love that he learned this as an adult and practices and works on his music.  I love sitting and singing with him at Bear Lake or at Dad’s house at Christmas time. 
He has a great voice.  Adam was in many musicals in his youth and continues to sing in choirs and  at church functions.
He is athletic and now his boyhood basketball and skiing dreams have been replaced with  golf.  Adam loves his golf.  He could be a golf pro in another life. 
He is an artist…he draws and paints and admires beautiful scenery. He is a true romantic.
Lyle and Sheri Cole Family  Christmas 1979.  Look how pretty my mom is
Being a sister and having a sibling viewpoint is different than other types of relationships.  I love him. I care what happens to him and his Christine and his darlin, daring children.  We are bonded through growing up experiences and  family life.  We come together on holidays and family weddings and funerals.
But I’m really just a by stander in Adam's life…
… I am a watcher, a cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on,  a joint decision maker when it comes to our dad...and a memory keeper.
So what do I wish for my brother on his big 50th birthday? I wish  him  success, a loving family and that  his testimony remains strong.
I love Adam…… He is a wonderful person, a faithful father and friend, a loving son and treasured brother. 
The COLE men...Adam Butters Cole, Lyle Nelson Cole, Aaron James Cole -- Dec. 2014

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