Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday

1. Thankful for good couple friends to play with -the Belnaps (and the Farleys, last weekend.)
We love going down to the Belnap Bungalow  and playing cards, and seeing movies and biking and solving all of the world’s problems as we travel.   Good thing these traveling couples aren’t sick of the Welches ….yet.  We are in St. George to practice our bike riding and get more miles as we prepare for LOTOJA for Wayne and the Cache Century for  me.  It takes training…and lots of miles to get stronger and stronger.  This is usually the yearly trip we take when we finally can take our bikes outside again  after a long snowy winter…but we have been riding all over Davis County all of February.  The winter weather gods have been smiling. 

2.  Thankful we have older kids…Monson, Lexi and Truman to be at our home and help with Laila……. Laila of course, thinks she can just be alone while we are gone…not. 

3.    Thankful to have done  Temple Sealings, an Endowment session and Initiatory ordinances in a one week time at three different Temples.  It was quite meaningful. 

4.  Thankful  to have so many theatre lovin family members… It’s great to have Truman in Shrek as Pinocchio, Addison as the Choreographer for Shrek, and Bre in Ghost the Musical all at the same time.  It would only be better if I was in a show right now too…..but I get to be one of the STARS in the “Alfie show” and help with my little boyfriend at night . Grateful to be at this point in my life.

5.   Thankful to count Alex Buzelli as a member of our family.  Alex is kind, gentle, funny,  giving, a good listener, cultured, Christ like and a great cook.    And a plus to this almost perfect Alex package is he comes with two adorable children, Sophia and Andrew!  It’s Alex’s birthday this week… we will celebrate him.

6.    Thankful for  the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is my anchor and hope.

7.  Thankful

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