Sunday, August 24, 2014

Travel rules

I have rules when I travel. 
Don't stay anywhere there have been cats
Stay in a Marriott property if available
Fly with Wayne because he has the pts so he gets the perks
Take my own pillow
Don't sleep your vacation away.... You can sleep at home....or when you are dead. 
Take plenty of books to read
Wear good walking shoes 
Only eat at restaurants that we DON'T have in Utah.  This last one makes me sound bossy, particularly to the new members  of my family...Bre, Alex and Lexi .  Part of the joy of travel is food. So trying new places and new food makes me happy. 
I was reminded of my "rule" and how crazy it sounds as we travel in Michigan with Monson and Lexi.  Oh well. No Cracker Barrel for me!!

This is a Pastie from the best Pastie restaurant in Mackinaw city....can't get that in Utah!!


Teri said...

Ha ha ha! Love this! Tom's rule is we can't eat at ANY chain restaurant or fast food unless there is literally nothing else available. And that could mean driving many, MANY miles out of way just to find such a place.

Maggie said...

My mom and I have the same restaurant rule when we're on vacay! What is the point of getting out of town if you eat all the same things that you do at home?!