Saturday, August 23, 2014

Laila's summer adventures

Laila was in BHS summer drama camp for teens. They put on  "The Little Mermaid "
Laila was Ursula's eel Flotsam and Jetsum with Heather Kofford. She was slithery good.  Lailas two favorite things about this experience: highschool friends and trying a new type of role. 

Wayne and Laila have been planning an overnighter / motorcycle  ride all summer. It finally happened this week. They rode to Park City, shopped, ate, saw "The Giver" , laughed , ate and rode some more. 

Daddy- daughter date 

Ogden Temple open house was with Gma Welch, Holly, and Mark and Jill Welch family.   
Laila also got to go to the UofU Fan Fest night. So much team spirit!!

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